I am also an Affiliate Marketer with the boosting knowledge of Psychology, Strategic Management and Leadership, Digital Marketing, and with a diverse range of experience in physical and virtual world I am much more efficient and expert to promote & sell any digital products through internet.

As a Technical Forex Trader I have done a vast amount of indicators back test & forward test both last 5 years, and I found something outstanding that helped me to build my own system to understand market motions and trends. I have built my own strategy and system by doing hard work so many years, which allows me to predict the trend of the market to grab plenty of profit with very less drop down.

It is the 95% safe, secure and proven way to make own perception about the volatility and the trend of the market.

As the first person in Bangladesh to complete all 19 Volunteer Minister Courses, I'm helping resolve personal and social issues in a country where help is greatly needed.

I have been working as an Online Activist to address the issues of Women & Girl Empowerment, Water & Sanitation, Food & Safety, Defeat Poverty, Environment, Climate Change, Anti-Corruption, Child Education, Human Rights, Refuges and many others. I have taken more than thousand of actions globally that directly targeted to the World Leaders, NGO, Law & Enforcement, Business Tycoons, and all others significant Leaders to be forced to ensure all the commitments have been given officially to the United Nations and others International Forums.

With training to help boost literacy, organizational and communication skills and to improve self-esteem and morality I now have tools to address these issues at a grassroots level.

As a  First Certified Volunteer Minister, I am now expert in the use of a body of effective tools that directly address: Relationships, Drug Abuse, Study Problems, Communication Skills, Marriage Troubles, Behavior, Life Decisions, Illnesses and Injuries, Stress, Worry, Raising Children, Achieving Goals, Workplace Productivity, Data Analysis, Organization, Public Relations, Conflict Resolution, Honesty and Integrity and Ethics for Success.

“I helped a person recover from illness, I helped someone find the right spouse, I helped another get to the bottom of his problems in life—I have helped people in every sector with what I have learned.

I feel I am providing something exceptional in the society where it is needed desperately, and I am making huge impacts every day.”

Hi, I'm A S M Asaduzzaman Sajib, I'm a Social Activist, Creative Writer, Affiliate Marketer & FOREX Technical Analyst.

“Writing is an art of printed expressions of impression.”

Skilled with an aptitude to interconnect through the written word, my desire for spreading and emerging information has shadowed me since I was young. I’m gifted of writing unique, high quality Fictional and Non-Fictional stories or any others types of Creative Writings that will delight youngsters, kids and old readers alike.

I know how significant it is to employ language efficiently in order to generate the exact impression. I discover the art of language, and I display the influence of a well writing. Focusing on the expressions & demands of the fact using perfect words & sentences continue to remain my vital key points for writing.